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About is an experimental platform where anyone can view cycling data collected for Oxfordshire County Council and partners. It is an output from the Smart Cycle Detection project, which looks to deploy new technology to better provide accurate cycling and walking data for users and insight into planning policy.

We hope this will show how easy it is to get around the city by cycling, how quick it can be and encourage people to travel by bike or “Park & Pedal”.

By presenting this data, Oxfordshire County Council seeks to share and open information about cyclists in Oxford. Data sources and provision of this service are experimental and noncontinuous. Due to the experimental nature of this platform and near-live data sources, Oxfordshire County Council cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided. As new data sources and technology become available, they will be included on wherever possible so that the public may unlock the potential of emerging smart city technology.

This report is created by [ui!]uk on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council. [ui!]uk are dedicated to improving the urban fabric and community well-being through data and shared mobility projects designed to reduce environmental impacts and improve air quality from traffic by using city data, introducing shared electric vehicles and micro-mobility solutions and supporting cities to zero emissions by switching fleets from fossil fuel to electric. We work closely with the Councils of Oxfordshire to support these actions and in particular we have developed our mobility offer,

Data is being collected by Vivacity Labs using sensors installed at cycling hotspots in and around Oxford. Vivacity Labs have developed Artificial Intelligence technology that continuously captures and classifies live transport usage, 24/7. Their sensor hardware provides continuous and anonymous streams of data on all forms of mobility – from pedestrian to cyclist, car to HGV, and everything in-between for a number of public sector organisations.

Vivacity Labs and Oxfordshire County Council have worked together to deploy sensors at 60 sites around the city and county to better understand how cyclists are using the shared road space. Data generated from this system have been used to help develop cycling and walking strategy and policy, understand how CV19 restrictions have affected use of public space and to support teams to secure additional funding for active travel infrastructure.

There is no personal data collected by any of the parties involved.

If you have any technical questions, please contact: